May 4, 2011

Being Aware of Your Surroundings

Most people are not aware of the surroundings to which they belong to. They may either not have the time to read the news or get to know the threats which surround them, or they are not bothered about the consequences of the criminal tendencies of the people around them. Another reason might be that they are simply too confident that nothing can go wrong in their lives.

Being aware of your surroundings is very important. You have to know if there has been any particular crime in the area which you live in, or if there has been any crime which has been repeating over a time period recently. Being aware of such things allows you to be prepared in case of some problem that can arise when you are out on the streets at a time not suitable for you.

Crime is something which goes on in different parts of the world all the time. It is something which comes naturally to people. There have been a lot of cases of crimes being done on many people around the world and some of them are too shocking for words. Crime brings the worst in you; the negative characters which you have taught are not something which you should encourage.

One of the main mistakes you can ever do is to be confident that nothing can harm you. This is something which most of the people assume. They think they are free from all the harm and it can happen only to others. This is a wrong belief as crime or misfortunes can happen to anybody at any time.

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Serial Killers and Psychology

You might have heard of serial killers form time to time. It is quite difficult to believe that such people do exist in the world until you come in touch with some similar tragedy directly or indirectly. This is something which most of the people experience for all tragedies in the world. They don’t realize that it is something which can happen to anyone until it happens to them.

Serial killers have been around for a long time. There have been records of serial killers who had existed centuries back, some even before that. They have terrorized nations, made people live a life in hell with fear and have had power over the people’s minds in one way or the other in terms of fear and terrorizing, which are very powerful emotions.

There are no clear cut ways to pinpoint the force that drives a person to become a serial killer. The tendency to be one is there in everybody no doubt. You may think that you are not at all suitable to be a serial killer and that you can never be one. But that is a wrong assumption. Each and every person in the world has the potential to be a serial killer.

It is the effect of education and morals that have been drilled into you that holds you back from being a serial killer. If you are honest to yourself, you would say that you do feel some perverse excitement when you hear of a killing. It is because of this nature of man that he listens carefully to the news and telecasts of killings and murders. It is a global phenomena and not something restricted to you.

It is just that some people know where their values and morals lie while others simply don’t care, turning them to criminals of which serial killing is an example.

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The Criminal Tendencies

How would you describe a criminal? Is it something which you would describe as very wrong or is it just a feeling? Do you feel that you are free from being a criminal and can never commit a crime? All these are questions which can enter the mind of most of the people but are too wary of coming open with it.

A criminal is somebody who does something against the laws governing a system. To commit a crime means to go against the laws prescribed in the book and so, you will be penalized for it in some way or the other. A criminal can be anybody; a person who breaks a traffic rule is a sort of a criminal when you think in the defined terms.

Just think for a second how you would describe a crime. Most of the people say that it is to do something bad. But is it really so? Then how would you define the word bad? Crime is something which has been defined by man himself so that there is a balance between the forces ruling you, namely the good and the evil. Crime can bee called as a way of expressing the evil in you.

Education is something which you are given in order to control the evil in you from turning into something harmful and undesirable to rest of the world. But in most cases education is not enough. There has to be morals drilled into the head of a person from the beginning. It is with this training that you would consider yourself good or bad.

There is always a tendency to commit something which is forbidden to you. This force is a very strong one and can drive you to do something you don’t want to but can’t stop the urge to do so.

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Doing a Crime

Crime is used to describe an action which is against a law or something which is illegal. It is a very broad term which describes various things. A crime may be something which is quite minute and harmless to someone, yet a wrong thing since it goes against a set of rules, or it may be something which is done to hurt others.

The rate of crime around the world is increasing day by day. Though human beings have developed a lot in technology and science, and they have been educated in a systematic manner since the time of their birth, it seems they still have the criminal tendencies which remain in their hearts. This is so no matter how educated the people are or how well brought up.
Some people are just born to be criminals. If you look at the statistics you would be surprised to know that most criminals are normal people who never look like one or show any signs of such tendencies. In fact the person you like a lot might be a criminal though you would never dream that he would ever do anything wrong or go against the law in any way.

Crime is something which is simply born in you. Injustice of a system is one, which means that if you feel you have been given injustice in some way there is a good chance that you would turn your back to it. It is one way of looking at it.

Another way of describing a crime is to say that it is something which begins as a pleasure in your heart though you know that it is wrong. There are many criminals who can tell you that they are very aware that what they are doing is wrong but they can’t resist doing it anyways. This is how crime starts and then grows.

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Avoiding Crime While In Chicago

An entire vacation can be ruined by being a victim of crime. By following some simple steps and down to earth procedures while in Chicago. Crime is a problem in every major city and it is easily avoided by not appearing to be an easy victim.
Remember to never carry anything of value while traveling throughout Chicago. Hold onto a small amount of pocket cash for emergency’s only. Carry a checkbook or traveler’s checks only, avoiding credit cards due to their ease of use. Dress modest but don’t wear any expensive jewellery. Always travel in a group if possible and avoid traveling through the city at night if possible.
The second thing you must prepare is your mental self. The best way to avoid crime is to avoid the places and people that cause it. Should someone appear suspicious or ask for money simply ignore them and walk away. Giving money to someone that is begging is not always a good idea, because they could to decide to rob you if they wanted. Drive whenever possible and avoid visiting run down areas. A good way to tell if an area is not a good place to be in is if there is people standing around on the streets, buildings and houses in disrepair and a large police presence.
Always have a method of protection when traveling through Chicago. This may mean being experienced in self defense or holding a knife or gun. Its very important to only use a weapon if absolutely necessary and there is no other probably way out of the situation. Using a weapon is a risk for yours and everyone else’s life that is with you.
By having a plan to avoid crime while traveling throughout Chicago you can assure yourself that you will have a very safe trip.

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