May 4, 2011

Law And Order

The moment you hear law and order you would probably think of a TV serial or a movie. Law and order is something which indicates the application of law in a system and the bringing about of order in the same. It is essential to have law and order in any country because each nation has to face its own problems and crimes which have to be controlled and penalized.

Without law and order, everybody would be free to do as they like. You can loot people whenever you want, commit murders when you feel angry with someone or make an illegal transaction when you want more money. It is the fear of the law and the respect for the concept of legal and illegal actions that restrains you from doing things which are not good in a moral sense.

Every nation has its own version of law and order. What is legal in one country may not be allowed in another. For example, Saudi Arabia considers it a crime to bring alcoholic beverages into its premises because their culture does not permit it. On the other hand, India produces alcoholic beverages for its people and also imports it for the same because it is legal.

This is a very hypothetical example but nevertheless something simple to understand. The reasons for disparity in the laws and orders of different countries are due to the difference in their culture and values. Each country has its own view of what they call legal and those they call illegal because of this difference in the way they perceive things.

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