May 4, 2011

Entertainment : A Blessing And A Curse In Disguise

Entertainment has always been a favorite pastime for any individual irrespective of cast, creed, location, religion etc. Though the term entertainment differs from individual to individual but the end point of view is the same. An entertainment can mean a pleasant getaway with the family to some Zoo, a Theme park, a Movie or may even to the beach. It can also mean to relax the state of mind of an individual or of a group of individuals by having a stroll in a serene and a peaceful place.

It can also be like going out for an adventurous trip and getting involved in some adventurous sports like bungee jumping, paragliding, wind surfing, roller blade skating etc. For some, entertainment can simply mean going out for clubbing and drinking the night out. Entertainment has its own good and ill effects. It can help you learn and explore new things but when misused it could be the low point in one’s life. Healthy entertainment always affects the health in a positive way whereas an entertainment of a negative type could be disastrous to life. Sometimes it could cost an individual’s life too. Hence it should be the motto of every individual that in all his endeavors he should try to rise and grow

Entertainment doesn’t necessarily mean sitting for hours in front of the television or doing things which are not expected to be done by civilized men. It means enjoying everything what the world has to offer, but we have to be selective in what choose cause in the end we become what we choose.

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