May 4, 2011

Drug Abuse Hounding Sheen

Its good news for Charlie Sheen’s fans out there. The actor is reportedly recovering from his illness. He is scheduled to rejoin the cast of “Two and a Half men” according to recent reports of his publicist. Sheen was under intense medication as he was suffering from hernia related symptoms. Associated symptoms were hounding the actor who reportedly was suffering from intense abdominal pains. His hernia condition further worsened when he was laughing while playing host to a TV program. But other reports say contrary beliefs. According to TMZ news, the actor got ill while giving his expertise and comments on porn to Dr Paul Naseef, husband of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Adrienne Naseef. Such an incident was surprising and was a shock to all the fans of sheen.

A porn actress named Kasey reportedly delivered a video footage confirming overdrinking, drug use and other porn related features. She is presumably guided out of the party as she got intolerant. Such an incident is a major shock when all leading stars of Hollywood are pledging against substantive use of drugs and allied products. It has been acclaimed that Sheen reportedly denied use of drugs. Sources linked to a Hollywood reporter confirmed that Sheen was considered for rehab assistance by Hollywood television execs that had reportedly spent millions on their serial project. Many gave gleam assumptions that Sheen would be dying soon as his addiction has catapulted to a daily affair.

Few months’ back Sheen’s manager cleared the picture where Sheen was held for bustling a guy at a local restaurant. Sheen is reportedly the highest paid actor on television with huge fan following. Such disclosures, film critics say would hurt the sentiments of the people and bring a bad reputation for the actor. When the whole world is fighting the menace of drug abuse, Sheen’s disclosure would still question the integrity.

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