May 4, 2011

Serial Killers and Psychology

You might have heard of serial killers form time to time. It is quite difficult to believe that such people do exist in the world until you come in touch with some similar tragedy directly or indirectly. This is something which most of the people experience for all tragedies in the world. They don’t realize that it is something which can happen to anyone until it happens to them.

Serial killers have been around for a long time. There have been records of serial killers who had existed centuries back, some even before that. They have terrorized nations, made people live a life in hell with fear and have had power over the people’s minds in one way or the other in terms of fear and terrorizing, which are very powerful emotions.

There are no clear cut ways to pinpoint the force that drives a person to become a serial killer. The tendency to be one is there in everybody no doubt. You may think that you are not at all suitable to be a serial killer and that you can never be one. But that is a wrong assumption. Each and every person in the world has the potential to be a serial killer.

It is the effect of education and morals that have been drilled into you that holds you back from being a serial killer. If you are honest to yourself, you would say that you do feel some perverse excitement when you hear of a killing. It is because of this nature of man that he listens carefully to the news and telecasts of killings and murders. It is a global phenomena and not something restricted to you.

It is just that some people know where their values and morals lie while others simply don’t care, turning them to criminals of which serial killing is an example.

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The Criminal Tendencies

How would you describe a criminal? Is it something which you would describe as very wrong or is it just a feeling? Do you feel that you are free from being a criminal and can never commit a crime? All these are questions which can enter the mind of most of the people but are too wary of coming open with it.

A criminal is somebody who does something against the laws governing a system. To commit a crime means to go against the laws prescribed in the book and so, you will be penalized for it in some way or the other. A criminal can be anybody; a person who breaks a traffic rule is a sort of a criminal when you think in the defined terms.

Just think for a second how you would describe a crime. Most of the people say that it is to do something bad. But is it really so? Then how would you define the word bad? Crime is something which has been defined by man himself so that there is a balance between the forces ruling you, namely the good and the evil. Crime can bee called as a way of expressing the evil in you.

Education is something which you are given in order to control the evil in you from turning into something harmful and undesirable to rest of the world. But in most cases education is not enough. There has to be morals drilled into the head of a person from the beginning. It is with this training that you would consider yourself good or bad.

There is always a tendency to commit something which is forbidden to you. This force is a very strong one and can drive you to do something you don’t want to but can’t stop the urge to do so.

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BlueMan Group Adds Another Chapter to Their Repertoire

The Blue Man Group is a show you don’t want to miss. These talented blue men put on a performance that is both stimulating to your senses and funny bone alike. Their use of science, artistic flow, theater prowess combined with music and rhythm has to be one of the most unique shows to come along in awhile. If you are into vaudeville, you will not be disappointed by their mesmerizing affect on your physice.

The Blue Man Group was started by Chris Wink, Mike Goldman, and Phil Stanton in the late 1980′s. Their live performances on the Manhattan streets of New York City gave way to theater performances that began in 1991. This show is one of the longest running shows in New York . They were just three bald men, wearing blue makeup, with the slapstick ability of the old fashioned comedians of yesteryear. Since those days over 60 blue men have taken part in this unique show which encompasses cities like Boston, Vegas, and Chicago in addition to New York City.

Their newest project is a 3-D film, which will be shown in science centers and museums starting in 2011. The film’s director is David Russo. The gist of the movie will be quite unusual, which is to be expected. The blue men begin on the inside the brain of a man who is full of creative and social intricacies. Their presence inside eventually allows him to bring those pent up issues to the outside. The Blue Man Group have made five albums and will write the music for the movie.

They will be presenting their original show at the Briar Street Theater , which is located at 3133 North Halsted Street, Chicago on December 15th at 8:00 pm. The Blue Man Group is a family-friendly performance that will be enjoyed by everyone.

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Whooping Cough is Back!

Illinois is seeing even more cases of whooping cough this year, as opposed to last year. Also known as Pertussis, this relatively obscure condition is most prevalent in teen-aged kids. Doctors are advising parents to get their teens immunized again. They are also targeting new parents as a protective measure for their new babies. This is happening all over the country, but the two schools hit most in the Chicago area are Highcrest Middle School and Carleton Washburne School.

Whooping cough was first diagnosed as such in the 16th century. The bacteria responsible, Bordetella pertussis, was identified in about 1906. This bacteria causes inflammation or swelling of the larynx or voice box. This causes the voice box to vibrate as the air is taken in during breathing. This makes a kind of whoop sound, hence its nickname. Other symptoms include sneezing, a runny nose, fever, and the cough. As the condition progresses, symptoms accelerate to heavier and more frequent coughing. At the peak of sickness, a person can experience an inability to catch their breath and possible choking due to their gag reflex being triggered. As a person begins to recover, these attacks occur less and less over an average of two to three weeks, although a person’s immunity will take longer than that to build back up.

Below are some helpful tips for regaining your immune health and staying healthy this winter season. These suggestions are good for any season and for recovering from any condition.

*Keep your hands clean. A very high number of all germ transference takes place when your dirty hands come in contact with your face.

*Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin C, D, and A. Also, take your vitamins, especially if you are around school age kids.

*Get some exercise. Exercise helps with weight, brain activity, and circulation. It also builds up your immunity.

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Stopping Obesity of Children Requires Education of Adults

The obesity rate for all Americans has risen substantially in the past few years. But it is certainly on the rise in our children. The children who reside in the Chicago area are no exception.

The main cause of children becoming more obese than in the past seems to be two-fold. First up is the growing dependence on processed foods. Families with two parents, who are both working, don’t have a lot of time to cook good meals at home, especially from scratch. In families where there is only one parent, that mom or dad is probably working two or more jobs. Kids are left to their own devices, many times, and they will eat what is easy and what they like. Processed foods include fast food, boxed food like mac and cheese. Or frozen food like pizza or frozen dinners. Although the situation of these parents is understandable, it isn’t healthy for the kids.

The second possible reason comes from a lack of education on the parents part. In many families, the parents used to be kids who were left on their own because their moms and dads were working one or two jobs, also. They were never taught about nutrition and how to prepare good, whole foods by their parents and now can only provide what they know for their own kids.

Both of these issues can be alleviated by teaching, which the local communities of this country could provide. Giving parents an avenue for the purchase of fresh, whole, real fruits and vegetables such as local farmer’s markets would help the situation even more. Communities should offer classes on proper nutrition and proper cooking methods. Many cities do offer these both Farmer’s Markets and classes in nutrition. One very popular program is the WIC (Parents, Infants, and Children) Program, but parents need to want to learn.

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Red Light Cameras Fail To Net Expected Revenue

A red-light camera in use in Beaverton, Oregon...
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In an attempt to gain extra traffic ticket revenue and possibly make the roads a safer place cameras were placed at several suburban intersections in Chicago in an attempt to prevent people from rolling through red lights, instead of fully stopping. While this idea has worked to reduce the rate of red light running, the traffic revenue has fallen short of what was expected.
While the red light cameras had been initially accepted, some controversy exists about their effectiveness in increasing road safety. Often the red light camera would fine those turning on yellow, forcing drivers to either slam on the brakes to avoid turning on a red light or bight the ticket. This has created a dangerous situation which could increase the rate of fender benders, something no vehicle owner ever wishes to experience.
The red light cameras however have netted a revenue hire than the cost to install them and have reduced the number of drivers rolling through red lights. This means a budget surplus and safer roads for those in the suburbs of Chicago.
Across the United States red light cameras are becoming more popular as a method to obtain more revenue and create safer streets. In fact over five hundred cities across the country now use red light cameras. While many communities are adapting the technology it is not a sound replacement for a trained police officer. With automatic traffic control comes failures that can wrongly give innocent drivers tickets simply due to a malfunction or human error. Its important to remember that a human must sort through all pictures to assign tickets.
While red lights in Chicago may now be safer, the lure for other automatic traffic control devices beckons. Devices which record your speed or detect impaired driving may not be too far off.

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