May 4, 2011

Entertainment : A Blessing And A Curse In Disguise

Entertainment has always been a favorite pastime for any individual irrespective of cast, creed, location, religion etc. Though the term entertainment differs from individual to individual but the end point of view is the same. An entertainment can mean a pleasant getaway with the family to some Zoo, a Theme park, a Movie or may even to the beach. It can also mean to relax the state of mind of an individual or of a group of individuals by having a stroll in a serene and a peaceful place.

It can also be like going out for an adventurous trip and getting involved in some adventurous sports like bungee jumping, paragliding, wind surfing, roller blade skating etc. For some, entertainment can simply mean going out for clubbing and drinking the night out. Entertainment has its own good and ill effects. It can help you learn and explore new things but when misused it could be the low point in one’s life. Healthy entertainment always affects the health in a positive way whereas an entertainment of a negative type could be disastrous to life. Sometimes it could cost an individual’s life too. Hence it should be the motto of every individual that in all his endeavors he should try to rise and grow

Entertainment doesn’t necessarily mean sitting for hours in front of the television or doing things which are not expected to be done by civilized men. It means enjoying everything what the world has to offer, but we have to be selective in what choose cause in the end we become what we choose.

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Weather: Mother Nature’s Love And Rage

Weather plays an important role in every individual’s life whether we accept it or not. It affects us in one way or the other though we ignore it and there is no escape from its fury. Mother nature is famously known to share its calm and soothing effects and is also famous for the rage that it showers and there is no escaping from it. In terms of practicality, weather is the state of the atmosphere. The term weather doesn’t include a single criterion. It is the conglomerate of different aspects i.e. surface wind, rain, snow, storms, cyclones, dust storms, gale winds temperatures, etc.

As a matter of fact the subject of weather is so vast that the great Albert Einstein who once considered studying Meteorology had to change his subject quoting that the subject” Weather was very vast and never ending”. In the present scenario there is so much of change in the atmospheric stability. We have heard the famously green house effect, global warming, depletion of forests, and depletion of various natural resources. All this has happened due to the greed of mankind to perform better and get a upper hand than his neighbor. This clueless competition has brought the world to the brink of extinction. Though the happy part is that a certain percentage of people have begun to respect and have started to protect the environment.

The famously known group like the “Green Peace” has had a major impact on the mass. People have become more environment conscious and plan their vacations to calm and serene place than place with a lot of hustle bustle.

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Being Aware of Your Surroundings

Most people are not aware of the surroundings to which they belong to. They may either not have the time to read the news or get to know the threats which surround them, or they are not bothered about the consequences of the criminal tendencies of the people around them. Another reason might be that they are simply too confident that nothing can go wrong in their lives.

Being aware of your surroundings is very important. You have to know if there has been any particular crime in the area which you live in, or if there has been any crime which has been repeating over a time period recently. Being aware of such things allows you to be prepared in case of some problem that can arise when you are out on the streets at a time not suitable for you.

Crime is something which goes on in different parts of the world all the time. It is something which comes naturally to people. There have been a lot of cases of crimes being done on many people around the world and some of them are too shocking for words. Crime brings the worst in you; the negative characters which you have taught are not something which you should encourage.

One of the main mistakes you can ever do is to be confident that nothing can harm you. This is something which most of the people assume. They think they are free from all the harm and it can happen only to others. This is a wrong belief as crime or misfortunes can happen to anybody at any time.

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Serial Killers and Psychology

You might have heard of serial killers form time to time. It is quite difficult to believe that such people do exist in the world until you come in touch with some similar tragedy directly or indirectly. This is something which most of the people experience for all tragedies in the world. They don’t realize that it is something which can happen to anyone until it happens to them.

Serial killers have been around for a long time. There have been records of serial killers who had existed centuries back, some even before that. They have terrorized nations, made people live a life in hell with fear and have had power over the people’s minds in one way or the other in terms of fear and terrorizing, which are very powerful emotions.

There are no clear cut ways to pinpoint the force that drives a person to become a serial killer. The tendency to be one is there in everybody no doubt. You may think that you are not at all suitable to be a serial killer and that you can never be one. But that is a wrong assumption. Each and every person in the world has the potential to be a serial killer.

It is the effect of education and morals that have been drilled into you that holds you back from being a serial killer. If you are honest to yourself, you would say that you do feel some perverse excitement when you hear of a killing. It is because of this nature of man that he listens carefully to the news and telecasts of killings and murders. It is a global phenomena and not something restricted to you.

It is just that some people know where their values and morals lie while others simply don’t care, turning them to criminals of which serial killing is an example.

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The Criminal Tendencies

How would you describe a criminal? Is it something which you would describe as very wrong or is it just a feeling? Do you feel that you are free from being a criminal and can never commit a crime? All these are questions which can enter the mind of most of the people but are too wary of coming open with it.

A criminal is somebody who does something against the laws governing a system. To commit a crime means to go against the laws prescribed in the book and so, you will be penalized for it in some way or the other. A criminal can be anybody; a person who breaks a traffic rule is a sort of a criminal when you think in the defined terms.

Just think for a second how you would describe a crime. Most of the people say that it is to do something bad. But is it really so? Then how would you define the word bad? Crime is something which has been defined by man himself so that there is a balance between the forces ruling you, namely the good and the evil. Crime can bee called as a way of expressing the evil in you.

Education is something which you are given in order to control the evil in you from turning into something harmful and undesirable to rest of the world. But in most cases education is not enough. There has to be morals drilled into the head of a person from the beginning. It is with this training that you would consider yourself good or bad.

There is always a tendency to commit something which is forbidden to you. This force is a very strong one and can drive you to do something you don’t want to but can’t stop the urge to do so.

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Doing a Crime

Crime is used to describe an action which is against a law or something which is illegal. It is a very broad term which describes various things. A crime may be something which is quite minute and harmless to someone, yet a wrong thing since it goes against a set of rules, or it may be something which is done to hurt others.

The rate of crime around the world is increasing day by day. Though human beings have developed a lot in technology and science, and they have been educated in a systematic manner since the time of their birth, it seems they still have the criminal tendencies which remain in their hearts. This is so no matter how educated the people are or how well brought up.
Some people are just born to be criminals. If you look at the statistics you would be surprised to know that most criminals are normal people who never look like one or show any signs of such tendencies. In fact the person you like a lot might be a criminal though you would never dream that he would ever do anything wrong or go against the law in any way.

Crime is something which is simply born in you. Injustice of a system is one, which means that if you feel you have been given injustice in some way there is a good chance that you would turn your back to it. It is one way of looking at it.

Another way of describing a crime is to say that it is something which begins as a pleasure in your heart though you know that it is wrong. There are many criminals who can tell you that they are very aware that what they are doing is wrong but they can’t resist doing it anyways. This is how crime starts and then grows.

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Drug Abuse Hounding Sheen

Its good news for Charlie Sheen’s fans out there. The actor is reportedly recovering from his illness. He is scheduled to rejoin the cast of “Two and a Half men” according to recent reports of his publicist. Sheen was under intense medication as he was suffering from hernia related symptoms. Associated symptoms were hounding the actor who reportedly was suffering from intense abdominal pains. His hernia condition further worsened when he was laughing while playing host to a TV program. But other reports say contrary beliefs. According to TMZ news, the actor got ill while giving his expertise and comments on porn to Dr Paul Naseef, husband of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Adrienne Naseef. Such an incident was surprising and was a shock to all the fans of sheen.

A porn actress named Kasey reportedly delivered a video footage confirming overdrinking, drug use and other porn related features. She is presumably guided out of the party as she got intolerant. Such an incident is a major shock when all leading stars of Hollywood are pledging against substantive use of drugs and allied products. It has been acclaimed that Sheen reportedly denied use of drugs. Sources linked to a Hollywood reporter confirmed that Sheen was considered for rehab assistance by Hollywood television execs that had reportedly spent millions on their serial project. Many gave gleam assumptions that Sheen would be dying soon as his addiction has catapulted to a daily affair.

Few months’ back Sheen’s manager cleared the picture where Sheen was held for bustling a guy at a local restaurant. Sheen is reportedly the highest paid actor on television with huge fan following. Such disclosures, film critics say would hurt the sentiments of the people and bring a bad reputation for the actor. When the whole world is fighting the menace of drug abuse, Sheen’s disclosure would still question the integrity.

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Living in Chicago

An aerial shot of the Chicago skyline.
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There are many advantages to living and working in Chicago. If you’ve never been to Chicago, or if you have only been there on vacation, you might want to consider taking time to travel there. This visit, however, will be for the purpose of finding out as much as you can about what it’s actually like to live and work in Chicago. Give yourself enough time to gather information on living in the city itself, as well as living in one of the many suburbs that surround Chicago. This will be especially important if you’ve never lived in a city before. City life is different, but for some people it may be just the thing. For others, it may not be the best option, so the suburbs may be the better choice. Consider the advantages of living in the city. You’ll be closer to work, entertainment, shopping, and dining venues, and other things. You’ll also be able to use publictransportation.Consider also the disadvantages. It may be more crowded, there may be more noise, and your living space may be smaller. Then consider the advantages of living in the suburbs. You’ll have more room, it’s quieter, and neighborhoods may be more family-oriented. Disadvantages can include longer commute times and higher housing prices. Once you have decided where in Chicago you want to live, make the move as stress-free as possible. There are several ways to do this, including making an advance purchase of a home rather than waiting until you have completely relocated, and familiarizing yourself with the neighborhood through online resources such as school and business websites.You also want to get moving quotes as soon as possible. These moving quotes can vary widely from company to company, and you want to have enough time to determine which company has the most reasonable rates.

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Interval Training Can Burn More Fat

More and more research results are showing that interval training is the way to go, if burning fat is your goal. Interval training has been widely known and used by runners and football player, among others, for sometime. But the average person doesn’t really know how it works.

In interval exercise, the goal is to do high intensity exercise for a set amount of time. This is followed by a time of low or slower exercise. The exerciser then steps it up again for the same amount of time as the first. Then a period of slower exercise. This continues in intervals until a total time goal has been reached. Here is an example of an interval training routine:

Start with 5 minute warm up, followed by
1 minute of high intensity exercise, then
1 minute of slow exercise, then
1 minute of high intensity, again, etc.
5 minute cooling down

So how does this particular type of exercise burn more fat? This kind of exercise uses a tremendous amount of energy and burns carbohydrates very quickly. It also promotes higher levels of oxygen in the blood. With more oxygen, the body can move fat out of the stored places back into the blood which will then get burned by the rapid exercise. When the muscles have exhausted the fat and carbohydrates that are readily available, they pull more for their use. Calories, carbohydrates, and fat are burned at an exceptionally high rate. Even after a person has finished their repetitions, the body continues to burn fat for about an hour more. This is different from regular exercise where the body is only burning while the exercise is being done.

The number of repetitions depends on the level of fitness of the individual. But even a beginner can reap the benefits of this exercise and build up their repetitions to where they can see an enormous amount of benefit.

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