May 6, 2011

Entertainment : A Blessing And A Curse In Disguise

Entertainment has always been a favorite pastime for any individual irrespective of cast, creed, location, religion etc. Though the term entertainment differs from individual to individual but the end point of view is the same. An entertainment can mean a pleasant getaway with the family to some Zoo, a Theme park, a Movie or may even to the beach. It can also mean to relax the state of mind of an individual or of a group of individuals by having a stroll in a serene and a peaceful place.

It can also be like going out for an adventurous trip and getting involved in some adventurous sports like bungee jumping, paragliding, wind surfing, roller blade skating etc. For some, entertainment can simply mean going out for clubbing and drinking the night out. Entertainment has its own good and ill effects. It can help you learn and explore new things but when misused it could be the low point in one’s life. Healthy entertainment always affects the health in a positive way whereas an entertainment of a negative type could be disastrous to life. Sometimes it could cost an individual’s life too. Hence it should be the motto of every individual that in all his endeavors he should try to rise and grow

Entertainment doesn’t necessarily mean sitting for hours in front of the television or doing things which are not expected to be done by civilized men. It means enjoying everything what the world has to offer, but we have to be selective in what choose cause in the end we become what we choose.

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Playing With Funds

Great news from an unusual domain. In a phase of recession. cutoffs, budget layoffs when funding becomes a big issue, two distinguished member of private equity funds utilized the taxpaying private funds to support charity and not for profit organizations.

Scott and Williams spent nearly 2,00,000 to support their involvement in charity and not for profit organizations as reported earlier. The funds were targeted to meet the needs for seats in lavish fundraising banquets and other associated parties. Scott notably spent the amount on charities where his wife or close acquaintances served on the board of directors. Scott is also believed to have donated a huge amount to a church with which he inked a land deal for the Olympic 2011 bid. In the year 2009, Scott gave full flexibility to turn on the charter of rules and regulations to comply his position as complete autonomy in respect to gifts and other rewards. With the immediate fallout, where the director was immune to any approval, Scott got the flexibility over accelerated donations.

Now after Scott’s departure from the committee board, his involvement with Williams in such shaded dealings is on the verge of disclosure. A recent report from the inspection department of the school raised several questions on the dealings till the departure of Scott. The fiscal report published thereof challenges the authenticity and need for such huge donations.

Notably, Tribune looked at expenditures and calculated the amount to a lofty $525000 to lavish dinners and support to charities. This was actually an incident at a time when school officials were deprived of enough funds to innovate novel technologies and infrastructure for the schools. The tutoring system has thereafter degraded in many pyramids. Many critics have pointed out that ethical and legal matters are highly challenged with the individual’s flexibility with such fund support.

Chicago Public Schools need to be more accountable and funds transpiring from and to the school should be more transparent. That have raised serious questions on spending of taxpayers money. Playing with funds is certainly dangerous. Don’t try it.

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Catchsocial, A New Name In Cupid Hunting

Thinking of dating? Now it’s not tough enough if you are in mood of dating your special one. Modern technological advances have geared towards total change of how dating business is operated worldwide. Online dating is the novel venture where interesting people meet and share their likemindness.Yet to be precise, the digital world holds high promises of increased interactivity with more exposure. There can not be any doubt on the flavor of the real experience and that’s a big challenge for the uprising and expanding digital world. Its great news for online citizens where a novel venture has been laid forward by wherein they are proposing the launch of cupid events to turn virtual fun into reality events.Catchsocial is mollifying online dating experiences with monthly setups targeted for live dating experiences.

Electronic scanning followed by physical interactions are the flavor which would revolutionize online dating as guaranteed by senior officials of the site. Catch social occasions are meant for those who hook up online and are targeted for real interactions though many are still skeptical about the proposed meet. Many still are for the concept of committed relationships and have voted at large for the site. There are huge responses as claimed by officials who acknowledge the novel concept. The company believes that the fusion of latest technologies hybridized with events most notably dinner parties would catapult a relationship into long term affairs or even marriage. The structure of interactivity of the site greatly emphasizes on interaction with virtual class phases.

Based in Los Angeles, CA and founded in 2010 Catch social is an innovative tool connecting millions across several towns and bringing the flavor of relationships. According to company officials, there lies huge networking potential, wherein a recent dinner party was hosted in a up market Chicago hotel wherein prospective people of all ages accumulated and shared their thoughts. Such a venture holds huge promises in the world of online dating where connectivity is a unchartered domain. It is certainly exciting.

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Visit Chicago in Style

The next time you visit the Windy City, you should plan to stay in style! Even on a tight budget, you can stay at a luxury hotel in Chicago and be pampered without completely breaking the bank. Don’t believe it, well it is true! There are several luxury hotels in the Chicago area that are close to sights to see and exciting things to do. Many of these hotels offer lower rates than you would think possible for a night in the lap of luxury.

The Sofitel Chicago Water Tower Hotel
. This is a four star luxury hotel offering 33 luxurious suites with designer decor and large marble bathrooms. It is located close to downtown boutiques and exciting attractions, and is minutes away from the Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier, Lake Michigan, and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Sax Chicago. A Thompson Hotel is touted as a “different luxury hotel experience.” Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, this amazingly beautiful hotel offers a unique design and luxurious atmosphere. As the “hub” of the Marina, Sax Chicago is within minutes of the House of Blues Restaurant and Concert venue, Smith and Wollensky Steak House, Wine Cellar, and Crimson Lounge. The New York Times listed Sax Chicago as “a stylish place to stay.”

The Talbott Hotel. It’s ranked as one of the top hotels in Chicago and was ranked as third best hotel in the United States on the top 25 hotel list for 2010 on If you want to visit a luxury hotel with old world charm, you will want to give the Talbott Hotel in Chicago a try. The Talbott Hotel is also found in the heart of Chicago, only a short distance from great shopping, food, and entertainment.

What’s the best luxury hotel Chicago has to offer? Only you can answer that question after sampling some of these outstanding lodging options.

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Family Friendly Places To See In Chicago

Apes, Brookfield Zoo, Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Seeing the sights in Chicago is something that everyone visiting the area should explore. However with so many different places and sights to see it can be difficult deciding which one’s to visit, especially when traveling with the family. Family friendly attractions must be interesting for every member of the family while catering to their needs as well.
One of the best family friendly places to visit is the Brookfield Zoo, located just West of Chicago. This zoo includes an interactive play zoo and children’s petting zoo. The zoo also features a tropical section and very popular dolphin show. Be sure to check the zoo’s schedule before visiting.
Every child deserves a trip to the farm. Lambs farm accomplishes is located just north of Chicago in Libertyville, Illinois. This farm has a multitude of activities that the entire family will enjoy. These include a petting farm with goats and sheep, a miniature golf course and a train ride. This location also includes a pet shop full of souvenirs and a country style restaurant.
For a great history lesson consider visiting the Chicago Cultural Center. Half of this locations elegance is based on its brilliant architecture. With marble, stained glass, polished brass and shiny hardwood it is a site to see. The most spectacular attraction at this location is the thirty-eight foot glass dome, the largest tiffany stained glass dome in the world. A variety of art shows are performed on a daily basis at this location as well. All of this combined with the free admission make it a must see stop.
Should you been in the area between June 25th and July 4th feel free to explore the taste of Chicago event. Here you will find a variety of cuisines that truly represent the great food in Chicago.

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Eating Out While In Chicago

Restaurants in Greek islands are often situate...
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Finding a good place to eat while in Chicago should not be too much of a challenge since Chicago is world famous for its excellent style of cuisine. However by following some simple tips and guidelines its possible to eat at the best restaurants in your price range during your stay in Chicago. Remember that a trip without good food is like leaving your taste buds back at work in the office. Please don’t forget your taste buds while in vacation in Chicago.
The first thing you need to accomplish is deciding on what type of food you would like to eat. Whether its pizza, Chinese food, grill style or a hamburger joint you have to find some type of restaurant that has food you desire. Perhaps take the time to make this decision with your family or the people you are traveling with to make sure this is a desirable food choice for them as well.
Once you have decided on the style of food you are going to get you need to decide on the price you are prepared to spend. Eating out with four people can quickly reach into costing one hundred or more. That is just if the price per person is twenty dollars each before tip.
Now that you have had to think about the price range you need to consider the quality of the restaurant you plan on visiting. Perhaps check reviews of the website online or just ask people who work in the area. Just make sure that you review at least once second opinion of the restaurant. The worse thing you can do is give yourself food poisoning while on vacation.
The last thing you need to consider is the distance of the restaurant from your hotel or the location you are visiting.

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Paying Less While Visiting Chicago

This is actually Tom's Restaurant, NYC. Famous...
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Visiting Chicago can be an expensive endeavor after you consider the cost of hotel, travel, food and the places you will visit. By planning ahead its possible to spend as little money as possible while adequately enjoying your visit to Chicago. Remember that not everything worth visiting costs a lot of money and much is often completely free.
The best way to save money is to first plan the cheapest hotels and methods of eating. This could mean staying in a cheap hotel or grilling food and eating food from the grocery store. Its not always necessary to eat out at restaurants. When you do decide to eat out at restaurants remember to order cheap dishes and never go somewhere extravagant unless you are prepared to pay the price.
Make a list of places to visit that are free or have cheap admission. This may include public shows and entertainment, museums, zoos or field trips. Remember that you do not always have to go somewhere to experience a city. Consider going to bars or just walking around to meet and talk to the local people. You can often have much more enjoyment for free acting casually and seeing what happens.
After you have visited all the places that are cheap or free to visit find out how much of your allotted travel budget you have spent. Now that you know how much money you have left consider how much it will cost to travel back to your home. Now that you know how much you have left to spend decide on the best places to visit that cost money. This may include expensive restaurants, a theme park or a specialty show, such as the opera or a play.
By budgeting your money you can still enjoy a vacation. Remember it is not all about the money.

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