February 16, 2011

BlueMan Group Adds Another Chapter to Their Repertoire

The Blue Man Group is a show you don’t want to miss. These talented blue men put on a performance that is both stimulating to your senses and funny bone alike. Their use of science, artistic flow, theater prowess combined with music and rhythm has to be one of the most unique shows to come along in awhile. If you are into vaudeville, you will not be disappointed by their mesmerizing affect on your physice.

The Blue Man Group was started by Chris Wink, Mike Goldman, and Phil Stanton in the late 1980′s. Their live performances on the Manhattan streets of New York City gave way to theater performances that began in 1991. This show is one of the longest running shows in New York . They were just three bald men, wearing blue makeup, with the slapstick ability of the old fashioned comedians of yesteryear. Since those days over 60 blue men have taken part in this unique show which encompasses cities like Boston, Vegas, and Chicago in addition to New York City.

Their newest project is a 3-D film, which will be shown in science centers and museums starting in 2011. The film’s director is David Russo. The gist of the movie will be quite unusual, which is to be expected. The blue men begin on the inside the brain of a man who is full of creative and social intricacies. Their presence inside eventually allows him to bring those pent up issues to the outside. The Blue Man Group have made five albums and will write the music for the movie.

They will be presenting their original show at the Briar Street Theater , which is located at 3133 North Halsted Street, Chicago on December 15th at 8:00 pm. The Blue Man Group is a family-friendly performance that will be enjoyed by everyone.

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